KAI T-50 Family

KAI T-50 Family

The KAI T-50 is a family of supersonic advanced jet trainers and multirole light combat aircraft. Developed by Korean Aerospace Industries with cooperation from Lockheed-Martin, the T-50 family consists of 3 main variants:



  • The T-50 is a supersonic advanced trainer with a full avionics and navigation system.
  • The TA-50 adds a light attack capability, including a rotary cannon.
  • The FA-50 is a multirole fighter that also has an advanced radar, giving the aircraft full air-to-air combat capabilities.

All variants are in operational use with South Korean or other air forces, and the T-50 is also one of the candidates for the US Air Force T-X trainer replacement program.

Early 2008 KAI decided to replace their T-50 mechanical/optical legacy boresight systems with Metronor’s Harmolign systems and since delivery of the first T-50 Harmolign boresight system in 2009, Harmolign boresight solutions have been developed and delivered for all three aircraft variants. By mid-2015 the systems will be in use by four different operators of the T-50 family.


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