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Metronor is a high technology company headquartered just outside Oslo, Norway, with subsidiaries in Rockford (near Chicago, USA), Riegelsberg (Germany) and Beijing (China), supporting partners and customers on a global basis. Based on in-house innovation and research, we have since 1989 developed a range of electro-optical portable coordinate measuring systems that have become very popular among leading manufacturers worldwide. Metronor provides state-of-the-art Dimensional Management Solutions for complex assembly programs.

Main products include Portable CMMs and Boresight systems.

Our core photogrammetric technology developed into a variety of product versions addressing the moderate to highest degree of accuracy requirements. And in recent years we have expanded our product range from not only industrial metrology systems, but also offering products and solutions for boresight applications in the military business area. A vast number of applications in various industries can be accurately and efficiently documented, providing the customer with excellent ROI from his investment.



1989 Metronor founded by Alf Pettersen and Øyvind Røtvold, both with background from NTNU and SAAB Combitech.
1991 First industrial system deliveries to SAAB Aircraft and Volvo Cars; believed to be the first portable measurement systems doing real-time comparison of measured data to CAD models.
1993 Metronor GmbH (Germany) established.
1995 Metronor Inc (USA) established. Second generation industrial system cuts system weight by over 50%, doubles measurement accuracy and increases processing speed.
1997 International Space Station modules from different countries documented and verified for fit by Boeing under contract to NASA.
2004 Initial military boresight contract signed with BAE Systems, UK. Third generation industrial system boosts accuracy and speed, yet cuts costs in half.
2006 Military boresight activity becomes separate business unit. Metronor Representative Office (China) established.
2007 Initial contract signed for SAAB Gripen, miniature LED pads introduced.
2008 Cooperation agreement signed with BAE Systems to develop and market boresight systems for US platforms. Initial contract signed with Korea Aersopace Industries, shared LED pads introduced.
2009 Initial contract for Eurofighter ASTA through BAE Systems.
2011 Initial multi-system boresight order for F-16, delivered on OEM basis to BAE Systems, USA, for system integration.
2013 Harmolign selected for BAE Systems alternative helmet tracker for F-35 JSF.

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