Metronor’s Harmolign products are designed and developed to meet the requirements of military customers, and are rugged, reliable and modular.

Our boresight/harmonization systems provide fast, accurate and efficient alignment of weapons platform systems, minimizing the need for personnel training and securing that the solution can readily be upgraded as the platform evolves during its service life. Proven on a number of platforms and with operators in all climates, Harmolign systems are fully modular and can be adapted for cost effective boresighting/harmonization of just about any weapon system platform.

Helmet tracker solutions enables fast and precise determination of position as well as orientation, and can be configured to cover small working volumes – like for a fighter pilot – or larger envelopes – e.g. for a helicopter door gunner. Available on a project basis, Metronor’s harmonization/alignment systems for optical helmet tracking systems are developed to fit the requirements of each individual customer – based on a common, modular technology.

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