Radiation Treatment

Radiation Treatment


Precise and fast alignment is key to achieving efficient tumour irradiation, minimized damage to surrounding tissue and maximum radiation center through-put.
Metronor’s navigation solutions help significantly improve the performance of radiation treatment systems and the quality of treatment.

Based on technology used for precision alignment of military systems for years, Metronor offers proven solutions within the micron-level accuracy range e.g. for:


  • Alignment of LINAC to patient couch
  • Compensation of deformation during LINAC travel
  • Alignment of patient to LINAC
  • Compensation of coach deformation with patient load or during patient positioning

metronor pad radiumSolutions include pre-calibration of couches and gantries, in-line alignment solutions for patients, and closed-loop feed-back solutions for real-time compensation of misalignments during treatment. Metronor’s alignment systems are modular and compatible with any radiation system and guidance software solutions.

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