Orthopedic Navigation


Having a tool for placing instruments or implants precisely and efficiently gives a wide range of advantages, including:

– Instant surgical quality improvement – eliminate misalignments, reduce revision surgery.
– Improve implant life expectancy, improve patient quality of life.
– Improve the performance of inexperienced surgeons.

Metronor’s Orthopedic Navigation Solution enables medical solution providers to integrate this capability into their product offerings in a refreshingly novel way:

  • A single, soda-can sized camera avoids the obstruction issues of current navigation systems.
  • The computerized measurement probe enables the surgeon to efficiently control the system and the guidance software, with no additional personnel required.
  • Designed to simply add precision navigation to your current surgical procedures, Metronor’s orthopedic navigation system can be integrated into any planning and guidance software.
  • Battery operated and fully sterilizable, the reusable measurement probes are small and light weight.

Metronor Medical Camera
Small, single camera

Metronor achieves excellent precision with a single camera. A wide 90-degree field-of-view enables you to get up close. Camera mounting can be anywhere – camera stand, operating lamp, head mount for the surgeon – and with a reference target there is no need for a stable camera mount. Using a single sensor minimizes the obstruction issues of legacy systems, and practically eliminates the need for sensor re-calibration. A practical, efficient and reliable solution.

Surgical Pen MetronorComputerized, intelligent probe

The measurement probe is wireless and battery operated, and provides the surgeon buttons to control the guidance software. Using active, intelligent targets makes the system immune to precision degradation due to blood spatter and partial obstruction of the probe.  The probe can of course be sterilized.


head surgery targets MetronorEfficient guidance – coming soon to an OR near you

Avoiding obstructions, moving the camera, operating from the measurement probe – Metronor provides a quantum leap in orthopedic navigation and guidance, and this capability has already been integrated into practical surgical treatment solutions now entering clinical trials. Contact us for more information.



Metronor Navigation System

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