System Upgrades

Metronor systems are – unlike competing technologies – completely modular. With key components like cameras and Light pens common throughout the product range, Metronor customers can re-configure their systems to meet new measurement requirements. If you have a Metronor SOLO and the need for extreme accuracy arises, upgrade to a Metronor DUO. If you have a Metronor DUO but business grows and you need more throughput, upgrade to a Metronor DUO Split.

The savings are significant. No need to replace systems if your requirements change. No need to train on new technologies and software. No need for new procedures and learning curves. The business world is changing ever faster – and with Metronor, your measurement solutions easily adapt whatever the future brings.

In addition, Metronor offers extended warranty and software subscription products that help ensure that your Metronor systems are always up-to-date, available and accurate – as well as a broad range of accessories and add-on options to tailor systems for your specific measurement challenges.

Please browse out Product Brochure or contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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