Shipyard Piping Solution

Shipyard Piping Solution

A variation of our Piping Solution, the Shipyard Piping Solution is made to measure in confined spaces with limited accessibility.

With our systems capability to measure flanges and pipes quick and easily, we have created the perfect solution for workers in the shipbuilding business. The CAD files that are generated and the automatically-built measurement reports make the flow of information easier than ever – data can be seamlessly transferred to the workshops.


Metronor measuring flangeMEASURE FLANGES

Flange measurements are performed quick and easily thanks to TeZetCAD, the leading software for pipe measurements.
With as few as 12 point measurements, we can create a reproduction of any circle flange in under one minute. Of course, we can also measure non-standard flanges without any complication.


tezetcad_metronorLOW LEARNING CURVE

Just follow the instructions with which TeZetCAD guides you through the measurement process and you get reliable data every time.



metronor_engine_room_shipCREATE PIPES

Often, an important task in the marine industry, is to create pipes, be it replacement pipes or connecting pipes where specifications are not yet known. Using a special function in TeZetCAD, we can draw with our measurement system a virtual pipe in free space, avoiding obstacles as needed.
Measuring an existing pipe is equally easy, just take measurements at the end points of the pipe and on the pipe itself and a CAD representation of an existing pipe is created. The data from the created pipes can now either be sent directly to a bending machine or a blueprint for the shop floor can be exported.

metronor_vinjeDATA ADJUSTMENT

A number of modifications and transformations can be performed on the measured geometries afterwards in TeZetCAD:
Measured flanges can be mirrored, creating perfect counterparts and therefore guaranteeing a matching hole pattern. Space holders for sealings can be taken into account and pipes specified to end either directly with the flange or pass through it.
Measured angles can also be manually overridden should specific bending angles be preferred – the CAD model updates the geometries accordingly whilst not changing fixed points that are important for the correct fabrication. It is also possible to calculate the correction values for bending processes, e.g. values for the springback correction.

Metronor backpack case


Our special packaging makes working with Metronor products safe and simple. The transport case can be carried as a backpack and the integrated set-up allows the user to start measuring in under two minutes. With Metronor SOLO or Metronor SOLO Twin systems.


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