Metronor SOLO

Metronor SOLO is a portable CMM system based on Metronor’s patented principle that allows accurate 3D measurement with just one single camera and a hand-held probe. Metronor SOLO offers full CMM capability, including comparison of just about any geometry to CAD data or blueprint.

Ideally suited where fast setup, ease of use and high portability are critical, Metronor SOLO has a superior working volume and can be operated through a wireless connection – without cumbersome arms to balance or cables to untangle.

Highly affordable, Metronor SOLO provides excellent return on investment in industries as diverse as automotive, forging, machining, casting, energy and aerospace – as well as in numerous special applications such as high-radiation nuclear power plant maintenance or custom-fit boat decks. A special MIL-STD version of Metronor SOLO is also in operational use with several air forces as part of the ground support kit for maintenance of military jets, this adding to its credibility as being reliable, versatile and adaptable.

While highly capable on its own, it is also a very flexible investment and a wide range of options and upgrade paths are offered, permitting your Metronor SOLO to grow along with your future requirements or needs.

  • Complete and truly portable: One box, 24kg, for complete system including computer and tripod
  • Extended probing capabilities including hidden features (450mm plus probe length)
  • Operator friendly: Probing without beams, wires or arms
  • Fast and easy set-up and use
  • No warm-up, initialization or leap-frogging
  • No moving parts eliminate re-calibration
  • Can be upgraded to Metronor DUO and Metronor DUO Split system
  • Price/performance winner
  • Metronor camera CAM38 (110000) with 10m signal & power/sync cables
  • SOLO/DUO tripod (711100) with Pan/tilt head (711000)
  • LP89 Lightpen (116152) with WiFi communication and re-chargeable Li-Ion battery
  • LP89 comes with spare Li-Ion battery and battery charger
  • Standard Probe Kit (116200) and Calibration Tool (716400)
  • Laptop computer for SOLO/DUO (714005)
  • Interface Unit IU2 (714864)
  • Metronor Metrolog EVO (331500), Metronor System SW (MSS) (330000) and SOLO technology license
  • Required system and power cables
  • Rollaway transportation case


Range 1.5 – 25 m (5 – 80’) Distance from sensors
Measurement Volume 2000 m3 70.000 ft3
Profile measurements ±0.16 mm (5 m from camera) 600 mm wide profile orthogonal to camera optical axis

2 Sigma (U95)

±0.21 mm (10 m from camera)
±0.43 mm (20 m from camera)
Parallelism ±0.0033 deg Parallelism between 2 planes, 1000 mm size
2 Sigma (U95)
Planarity ±0.06 mm Planarity of single plane, size 2x2m2
2 Sigma (U95)
Small volume – 3D ±0.12 mm Volume up to 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 m3
Accuracy of 3D length
2 Sigma (U95)
Casting volume – 3D ±0.20 mm Volume up to 3.0 x 3.0 x 3.0 m3
Accuracy of 3D length (typical)
Environment Operating Temperature 10 to 45˚C (50 to 113˚F)
Storage Temperature -25 to 65˚C (-13 to 150˚F)
Operating Humidity < 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Pressure, Humidity, Temperature No effect on measurement accuracy
Vibration Stability Control (option) 0 – 100 Hz, < 3 mm amplitude
No warm-up
Electrical Power Auto switching 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
(Battery operation optional)



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