Metronor One

Metronor One


Meet Metronor One, your next handheld Portable 3D Optical CMM.

Metronor One has the same accurate 3D volume as any standard articulated arm – and more. Branch out to measure in a larger field than previously possible.

With an integrated battery and wifi pack, the Metronor One Lightpen is a true cable-less, joint-less design that gives you full flexibility to move and measure in your working area.

Metronor One offers you full, unrestricted movement, just like an extension of your own arm. Comfortable to hold and fast to set-up, it becomes the best solution for the smaller measurement needs.

Main Key Features:

– Measurement volume for high precision: 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5m
– 3D Accuracy in 15.5m3: 0.08 mm
– System includes Camera with Tripod, Lightpen, Laptop and Transportation Case and Software.

But the best feature is the simplicity with which your Metronor One system can be extended and upgraded to accommodate production needs. Metronor’s optimized product lines make extending and upgrading simple and quick as your live business moves forward. Need a bigger measurement volume? Extend your Metronor One system. Need better accuracy for different applications? Upgrade to a SOLO or a DUO.



Our unique one-camera concept is a true differentiator from our competitors, providing an extremely cost-effective way of taking your company to the next level. There’s no need to buy a completely new solution every time your needs change. With Metronor systems, increasing accuracy and measurement volume is as easy as adding a new camera.

To learn more, you can download the brochure by clicking on this link or see the Metronor One product page.

Metronor One – as you would imagine an articulated arm. Just more precise and 100% flexible.

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