Our conviction is that measurement ensures and improves the quality of your products. Measuring should be fast and not interrupt the production flow in a time-consuming and expensive manner. We do all of this and go further: our systems support your production flow by providing useful information during the process in real time.


fabrications_3ALIGNING PARTS
To speed up production, Metronor’s CMM systems help you align parts on your machine beds. By using the geometric information from the CAD model of the part, the system calculates the optimal position and orientation on the machine. Handling is straightforward – powerful software tracks the position and orientation of the part referenced to the machine bed, guiding you while you adjust the alignment.

You can also guide and support the alignment during the assembly of large parts. This is as simple as measuring the two parts that need aligning. Our system then informs you if and how they fit together. If you wish to make this process even easier, you can use Metronor’s LED positioning kit. When combined with the measuring software, it guides you to a perfect alignment in only one step without trial and error.

Metronor measurement systems can be used for large welded parts even during production. You can check the dimensions and orientation of individual areas and parts of the welding structure and ensure that they are aligned correcly before continuing to the next part. You can identify and correct deviations immediatly during the production process and do not have to wait until the end of the process – when it’s too late to correct.


A challenging task is changing or adjusting a production line for a new or a different product. With our systems, you can easily and precisely adjust all your fixtures, clamps and racks for the new product by measuring the features directly in the production line and comparing them to the nominal values. Simply use the CAD data of your new product without wasting resources for sample parts or templates to adjust pins and net-blocks.




With the LED Application Kit, the DUO system has the unique capability of measuring multiple points simultaneously. This makes it ideal for monitoring the deviation of multiple points in real-time – ideal for monitoring repeatability of parts-in-tool. The LED kit allows fast and accurate measurements even in vibrating conditions by compensating the movement simultaneously with the measurement.


Typical products for these applications are Metronor SOLO and Metronor DUO systems depending on accuracy requirements, and the LED kit for position and orientation tracking.

Metronor DUO System

Metronor DUO system is generally required for tool certification because of its long range and high precision, especially for frame station inspections. It supports the Stability Bar, an extra which compensates movement whilst probing (fast and accurate measurements even in vibrating conditions). Read Metronor DUO specifications.


Metronor SOLO System

Metronor SOLO is a uniquely portable and affordable coordinate measurement system offering full CMM capability, including comparison of just about any geometry to CAD data or blueprint. It is based on Metronor’s patented principle: allowing accurate 3D measurement with just one single video camera and a hand-held probe. Read Metronor SOLO specifications.

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