Metronor SOLO Twin

Metronor SOLO Twin uses two separate cameras to generate each image. By effectively doubling the field-of-view, the camera can be placed closer to the measurement object, increasing accuracy and enabling measurement in one-set-up where several set-ups would otherwise be required.

During normal operation, the two cameras are mounted together on a special carbon fiber bracket ensuring optimal overlap and excellent stability.  Using a fast and simple procedure, the alignment between the two cameras can be re-determined anytime and anywhere, keeping system performance consistent over time – and after any rough handling or transportation.

Metronor SOLO Twin also enables special applications where it is critical to have two separate camera axes that are precisely known relative to each other. Such applications include alignment or inspection of parallel objects such as planes or bores – e.g. in gearboxes, thrusters, turbines, or other machinery.


  • High accuracy on large objects
  • No setup – just measure
  • Operator friendly: Probing without beams, cables or arms
  • Tool certification within minutes
  • Flexible and versatile
  • Affordable capability
  • Exceptional 70o field of view
  • Unique solution for shaft alignment
  • Ideal for narrow and crowded environments
  • Two Metronor Cameras with signal & power/sync cables
  • SOLO/DUO Tripod with Pan/tilt Head and SOLO Twin mounting plate
  • CLP8900 Lightpen with Standard Probe kit
  • Laptop computer
  • RadioLink2.4e base unit and Operator kit, plus 15m Connection cable as backup
  • Metronor Metrolog EVO and Metronor Systems SW as well as a SOLO Twin technology license
  • Required system and power cables
  • Rollaway transportation case


Range 1.5 – 25 m (5 – 80’) Distance from sensors
Measurement Volume 2000 m3 70.000 ft3
Profile measurements ±0.16 mm (5 m from camera) 600 mm wide profile orthogonal to camera optical axis

2 Sigma (U95)

±0.21 mm (10 m from camera)
±0.43 mm (20 m from camera)
Parallelism ±0.0033 deg Parallelism between 2 planes, 1000 mm size
2 Sigma (U95)
Planarity ±0.06 mm Planarity of single plane, size 2x2m2
2 Sigma (U95)
Small volume – 3D ±0.12 mm Volume up to 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 m3
Accuracy of 3D length
2 Sigma (U95)
Casting volume – 3D ±0.20 mm Volume up to 3.0 x 3.0 x 3.0 m3
Accuracy of 3D length (typical)
Environment Operating Temperature 10 to 45˚ C (32 to 113˚ F)
Storage Temperature -25 to 65˚ C (-13 to 150˚ F)
Operating Humidity < 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Pressure, Humidity, Temperature No effect on measurement accuracy
Vibration Stability Control (option) 0 – 100 Hz, < 3 mm amplitude
No warm-up
Electrical Power Auto switching 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
(Battery operation optional)