The DUO system combines large volume and increased accuracy, with the widest range of applications. Utilizing Metronor’s patented principle for electro-optical coordinate measurements, DUO is our most sought system, providing high-end coordinate measuring capability anywhere in the production process. Use the handheld probe to provide CMM capability – measure features such as holes, slots and edges as well as surfaces. Perform a GD&T analysis – or compare to CAD in real-time.

Compare tools, parts and assemblies to CAD or blue-print, use the LED application kit option to efficiently study stability, deformation and process repeatability, or take the system to your supplier or customer to investigate problems with interfacing parts. DUO also supports efficient alignment of objects in position and orientation (6 DOF) for example in tool building or jig-less assembly. Using two cameras and a hand-held, wireless probe, DUO provides accuracy, versatility and portability to address all your geometry-related issues.

Like all Metronor systems, it’s designed for use in rough shop floor environments and exhibits industry-leading reliability and availability. Also, at Metronor we develop modular systems. So a DUO can be easily upgraded to a DUET or a QUAD.  This boosts your investment – by purchasing a DUO you’re not only buying the tool to solve your geometry problems – it is an investment for the future. A system that can grow alongside your production.

Simple to operate, it is the most affordable high-end large-volume portable CMM system on the market. It is also extremely portable – the complete system comes in a single, roll-away transport case and weighs only 30 kilos (66 lbs).

DUO System in Switch Mode

Source: Ken Automation. Watch this video on Youtube.

  • Complete and truly portable: One box, 30kg, for complete system including computer and tripods
  • Extended probing capabilities including hidden features (450mm with optional Light pen)
  • Operator friendly: Probing without beams, wires or arms
  • Fast and easy set-up and use
  • No warm-up or leap-frogging required
  • No moving parts eliminate re-calibration
  • Can be upgraded  to DUET system if needs change
  • High accuracy and flexibility
  • Two Metronor Cameras with signal & power/sync cables
  • Two SOLO/DUO Tripods with Pan/tilt Heads
  • CLP8900 Lightpen with Standard Probe kit
  • CRB6800 Reference Bar
  • Laptop computer
  • RadioLink2.4e base unit and Operator kit, plus 15m Connection cable as backup
  • Metronor Metrolog EVO and Metronor Systems SW as well as a DUO technology license
  • Required system and power cables
  • Rollaway transportation case


Range Distance from sensors 1.5 – 15 m (5 – 50’)
Accuracy U95 distance measurement accuracy +/- 0.025 + L/60000 mm
Environment Operating Temperature 10 to 45˚ C (32 to 113˚ F)
Storage Temperature -25 to 65˚ C (-13 to 150˚ F)
Operating Humidity < 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Pressure, Humidity, Temperature No effect on measurement accuracy
Vibration Stability Control (option) 0 – 100 Hz, < 3 mm amplitude
No warm-up
Electrical Power Auto switching 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
(Battery operation optional)